Helping young ladies -

- Navigate high school and college, succeed in classes and relationships

- Choose a career path that fits their talents, interests, and lifestyle goals

- Live a holistically healthy lifestyle to improve mental and physical health

- Gain understanding and compassion for themselves as a person along the way

Hands Holding a Map

Take a Bird's Eye View

Meet Ally

Tutor, Mentor & Certified Personal Trainer

Ally has over 10 years of experience working with teens and college students as a Mentor, Tutor, and Personal Trainer.


She is passionate about helping young ladies make strategic life choices to get them where they want to be - professionally, socially, AND with their health/wellness. Clients will develop life-long healthy lifestyle habits, make smart financial choices related to education and career, and be proud of their accomplishments relating to school, career, and wellness.

Ally's Guiding Beliefs:

  • WELLNESS: Good nutrition, exercise, and sleep, will optimize the body & mind, increasing resilience to many physical and mental illness struggles and improving performance in every facet of life. Fitness is great because it helps your body and mind function at their best!! (It's not just about how you look.)

  • CAREER: While a main function of a career is to make money, there are many other factors to consider as well. What activities make you feel in the "flow" or captivated by the moment? What kind of time-off allowances do you need? What room is there to move-up into greater roles? After different career options have been tested, it's important to move past "browsing", and to start making moves in a concrete direction. 

  • SCHOOL: School is a place to develop organizational and time management techniques that will help you throughout life, while also gaining knowledge and skills to prepare for deeper study into your field of choice. If grades are suffering, what classes could be prioritized based on career path and interests? School is also a place to socialize and discover priorities. Which of your friends are helping you be your best self? Which friends might be holding you back?

  • GENERAL: "Freedom without structure is it's own slavery" - The Social Animal by David Brooks. To be totally without structure in life may sound like "freedom" to teens, but one only falls prisoner to subconscious habits (TV, videogames, social media scrolling, procrastinating, distractions, whatever hooks your brain at the moment) and these habits seldom get you somewhere you want to be. To truly be free is to be aware of - and have ownership over -  your path. This takes structured guidance, reflection, and practice.

Ally headshot fitness.jpg

Health Sciences: Education and Promotion, B.S.

Emphasis on Athletic Leadership,

(Clemson University)

Certified Personal Trainer (ACSM)

Certified Yoga Instructor (FiTOUR)

Certified Health Education Specialist (NCHEC)

Positive Youth Development Series (PYD 101)


Why Maps?


1. Making a map is a creative and interactive process, where along the way Ally becomes familiar with not only the clients' goals, but also their personality and thought processes.

2. Maps give a physical presence to the goals, obstacles, and thoughts within the clients head, making next steps and progress-tracking much more tangible.

3. Mapmaking can be a compliment to therapy. Where often the focus of therapy is to reflect on and heal from past experiences, Mapmaking can be an energizing change of focus as it aims to look forward.

Each coaching session


60 minutes

Maps are simply a tool we use throughout coaching.

Other tools include: yoga, breathing techniques, Decision Tree, weightlifting, nature walks, Yes/No lists, Life Scripts, and health-related behavior change strategies.

Decisions you make today will lead to beautiful results.

"She always brought a positive attitude to her participants. I would highly recommend her as a coach to anyone looking for a happy atmosphere." 

- Dana S.
Age 19

"Ally and her classes are incredible- the only ones a sleep deprived college student like me is willing to get up early in the morning for!" 

- Taylor D.
Age 18

“She's so nice and a great role model. Ally is amazing!!"

- Brianna S.
Age 15


A Step in the Right Direction.

Mountain Peak

Single Sessions

Great way to try out MapMaker Coaching to see if it's what you need, or to gain some clarity/direction on just one specific area of life. Flexible, use whenever needed.


Bridge Over River

4 Months - Weekly

Designed to lineup with students' trimesters. Weekly appointments provide the most support for enhanced school performance and healthy lifestyle choices. Summer Break is also a great time for coaching! (16 sessions total)


Image by David Marcu

6 Months -
Once per Month

Ideal for students with busy schedules, who want a coach's support but need less frequent appointments. And/or great for students who have undergone at least one round of the "4 Months-Weekly" package and want to stay on track with monthly meetings.

(6 sessions total)


All sessions are 60 minutes.

Packages are flexible: missed weeks/sessions can be used at a later time within 12months of package purchase date.

Packages are non-refundable.

Appointment cancellations must be communicated at least 24hrs in advance.


Payments can be made via Check or Venmo.